VideoEq - Advanced Color Processor

Download the latest production VideoEQ Software and Firmware here.

Download the latest beta firmware supporting 3D here


  • Full 10-bit RGB Color Lookup Tables (LUT)
  • 4 Independent Color Correction Tables
  • 4 Independent Luminance Correction Tables
  • USB Interface for easy, reliable setup
  • Simple HDMI-In / HDMI-Out operation
  • Simple push-button control for manual operation
  • Industry proven color correction technology
  • Automated setup with CalMan 4.0


  • Obtain optimal color correction on up to four sources or viewing conditions
  • Simple Setup
  • Video Processor color accuracy, without the un-necessary features

Video Processors

Before the VideoEq, the only way to obtain color correction this accurate was through a video processor. Traditional outboard video processors implement advanced algorithims for improving virtually every aspect of a video signal, including noise reduction, video scaling, and often color correction. With the growing maturity of the HD industry, more and more video components such as Blu-Ray Players, A/V Receivers, and Video Displays are including built-in video-processor like technology. Often this is done using circuitry developed by the video processor manufacturers themselves. What this means is that the benefits of an outboard video processor becoming fewer and fewer. The "last frontier" of outboard processing is for color correction.

Getting color correction right is a delicate balance between color science, electronics, and the calibrator interface. Generally, most manufacturers get the electronics right, a few manufacturers get the color science right, but almost none get the calibrator interface right. What this means is that even if you can find video components that are engineered correctly, and are technically capapble of delivering accurate color, the controls available to a calibrator make the task all but impossible.

The VideoEq solves this problem by focusing the engineering on the color science and electronics, and leaving the calibration controls to the industry leading CalMAN calibration software. The CalMAN 4.0 software will take a series of accurate measurements, calculate and program the optimal settings for the VideoEq, and then re-measure to verify the effects.

Lookup Table Based Correction

Hollywood and the professional video industry have used this same technology in so-called "LUT Boxes" for many years to match and calibrate displays for their color-critical work. Now you can obtain the same level of color perfection in your own home using the VideoEq.


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